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To identify your turbocharger, you must know the original part number of the turbocharger manufacturer. It is usually engraved on a plate or simply knocked out on the compressor housing.



Can we mount the middle of the turbo ourselves?

In what situation can we and in which will we need help?

Now we will try to answer you with a few sentences

For some turbines, it is perfectly normal for us to install the middle part ourselves, especially for models that do not have variable geometry and are fixed to the hot or cold cool, such as the kp3 kk5 model turbines, mitsubishi all models have virtually no elementary knowledge. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are well cleaned of corrosion, especially from the inside where the middle part lies, its fins.

However, with the other variable geometry models after the installation, it is necessary to adjust the variable geometry. It should be known that it should remain open so that the car operates normally at quiet speeds and is optimally adjusted at start to deploy the turbo immediately, otherwise we will have power losses, a large turbo hole and other problems related to poor speed from low to maximum speeds.

You can do this by approximating how many mm the old geometry was opened, but by no means look at the position of the old thumb, it has two welds on the inside and the outside and it is difficult to match two different middle parts (though, that happens). It is most precisely tuned to a Flow Bench (a geometry adjustment stand) that measures the flow of air flowing through the turbo to its closed, open operating position.

CHRA/Core mounting in multiple shots:

Everyone who has bought a mid-range from us will help him to mount the mood!

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the dismantling and installation of the bag from the car is not accepted